Have Great Potential, India Embraces Indonesia

Desember 8, 2015

JAKARTA – Indian Ambassador in Jakarta, Gurjit Singh explained there is a large untapped potential to expand economic relations between India and Indonesia. It will be a strong foundation for mutual development and benefit.
“India and Indonesia have a common desire to grow within the framework of democracy and the economy. With a variety of solid foundations, this relationship is developing with a strategic cooperation now,” He told the Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro, at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Monday (28/9/2015 ).
Gurjit said India was committed to establish the relationship with Indonesia. Not only economic, political and social, but cultural sectors will be run.
He also hoped that, with the support and good cooperation with the government of Indonesia will be able to strengthen the performance of the two countries, especially in strengthening partnership relations with Indonesia.
“I intend to diverse aspects of the vision of my country and establish good relations and cooperation. The closeness is not only economic, but other sectors such as politics, and culture are also capable on the road well,” he said.

source: www.okezone.com

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