Raksa Tani Tea

Sole Proprietorship Company (PO)
Kp. Balariuk Rt 08/02 Singasari Taraju Tasikmalaya
Tasikmalaya Regency

Email: karyana.17@gmail.com
No. Tlp: 08122061424

West Java Inc

raksa tani 1Taraju region in Tasikmalaya Regency is an area known as a tea-producing region. One of the obstacles faced by tea farmers is the absence of the tea final product made in Taraju region. “Raksa Tani” Farmer Association in Taraju District, led by Mr. Ena Karyana initiated a wide range of products sold directly to consumers. In 2013, “Raksa Tani” Farmer Association recieved support in form of factory building along with tea-making equipment from the Plantation Department of West Java Province.

After participating in Bank Indonesia entrepreneurial program, Mr. Ena Karyana began to realize the importance of branding in their own products and then had a partnership with INOPACK in developing the better packaging and product names. The products variants ​​include packaged tea, powder tea, and tea bags. Although, manufacturing capacity is still small and needs more intensive promotion and marketing programs, so that the Taraju tea products can be more recognized by consumers. In marketing its products, primarily tea powder, “Raksa Tani” Farmer Association cooperated with Inopack and INOTRADE. This cooperation is to increase the added value by creating a nice packaging with the right marketing strategy. Currently, the production capacity has increased because “Raksa Tani” Farmer Association is already able to produce ​​many variants of products with attractive packaging and affordable price.

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